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What I want to tell...


These are a few of the stories I wanted to tell.

I try to go beyond currently and hot news. Try to shed some light on those forgotten by mankind, and listen to whom need to tell something...with humility, commitment, empathy and respect.

Click on the pic to see each story...


Migration: Slaves in Libia.


Boko Haram

Demons come out at night

The Sleeping Land.


Coming soon.

Malaria. The Last Mile

Republic of Belarus. The last dictatorship of Europe

Melissa. Way to Mars

Coming soon

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The Melting Age: Global Warming Alert


Transmedia project

Ebola beyond ebola. After the epidemic what?

long covid

Long Covid. Beyond the disease. 

Armenian Genocide. Hundred years of pain.

Rebels in RD Congo

Rebels in RD Congo.

Coming soon

The Last Yagan from Tierra del Fuego.


Omo Valley. Ethiopia.

From the past to the future. Coming soon.

Nagorno Karabakh. Country in the shadows.


VideoJockeys. Uganda

Coming soon

The Third Rider. A hungry world.

Transmedia project

Rwanda Genocide. 100 days of horror.

North Korea.

The Last border.

South Sudan. The newest country in the World.

RD Congo.

The Ethernal War.

Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. State: The long waiting


Srebrenica Genocide. Memory of a massacre.

Mumbai, the strength of Ganesh.

 Refugees in South Africa.  

 Central Methodist Church, 87 minuts in the land of  hope.

Soccer Stories.The other football from South Africa.

Dobhi Ghats. Mumbai. The biggest laundry in the world.

Music-theraphy. The rhythm of hope.

Corrective Rapes. Lesbian rapes in South Africa.

 Haiti. No way out.

Polochic Hell. Peasant struggle in Guatemala.

Burkina Faso. Gold Mines. Deep way out.

 Normandy. The "D" day trace.

 Walata and Tichitt. Caravan cities of Sahara.

San Pedro penitentiary. The other way to punish.

 Bolivia. Potosi Mines. Devil's mountain.

 Figuig. An oasis on the road.

 Syncrotron. Light Source in Spain.

The impure gaze. Leprosy stigma.

Land of Quixote, myth and reality.

 Irak. Beyond three wars.

Sherlock Holmes & Jack The Ripper. Legend, fiction and reality.

Positive Existence. AIDS in South Africa.

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