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Rwanda Genocide

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100 days of horror

In the spring of 1994 and during one hundred days, about one million people were murdered in Rwanda. Perhaps one of the bigest and more cruel genocides of the modern History.A programmed, systematic slaughter. A bloddbath. A wave of horror for which approximately 1,2 million of hutus took part in murders of tutsis and hutus that helped tutsis.

Sadism take control of the extermination: devilish slaughters into the churches and schools, machete slashes, tortures, wild rapes, children's execution … corpses liying in all the mountains, rivers, lakes and corners around the country.The victims were silencing in front of such a savage horror. Fear and absolute incomprehension paralyzing their reactions.

But hate was coming from the past. The History of both groups is marked by a rut of blood spilt in both sides. Those who were victims during 1994, in bygone days had been perpetrators and vice versa. There is no justification for what happened in Rwanda two decades ago, and there is no excuse or reason for the shameful reaction of the world community.A insidious plot of international interests from the great global powers and the blindness for the power have left those people buried in their own ashes.

The question is how to re-arise, how to overcoming and how to get reconciliation. An answer not easy to obtain. 

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