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Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

The State on sand

They've spent 40 years forgotten in one of the harshest deserts of the world, the stony hammada of Western Algeria, but they are different to the other millions of refugees all over the world.

They have their own government, parliament and other institutions, an active diplomacy and a tested army that controls its borders and contains the Saharan drug trafficking networks and the incursions of jihadism.

Though impoverished, they have created all the symbols and services of a true state, including their passports, currency, a television and a national football team among others institutions. Everything ready to be transplanted to their land if anytime they're allowed to return there.

With an advanced constitution for the region, recognized by over 80 countries, founding member of the African Union --that's why Morocco abandoned the African Union-- it controls a vast territory beyond the colossal Moroccan-built wall of 2,700 kilometers guarded by 150,000 Moroccan soldiers and millions of land mines mines that defend the disputed territory. 

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