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No way out

La Española, an island shared by two countries, Republic of Haiti and Dominican Republic. Two sisters who were born on the same day, but who took very different ways on their lives. This  is the story of the unfortunate sister, Haiti, a country that tries to re-arise from among its own ruins but  can’t  find the way of progress and  hope to reach a better future.

On January 12, 2014 it became four years since the last terrible earthquake extinguished the small light that was still lighting the path towards an uncertain future. Hundreds of thousands of people are living on the street or in precarious camps turned into real slums beside Port au Prince or  even inside the city.


It is time to looking at what is hapenning and understand why this country is suffering the oblivion of the international community and how is fighting against the laziness of an inept and irresponsible government. A place where the women and children take, once again, the worst part. Hunger, disease, violence, corruption, international speculation, transactional sex, all factors that can leave the country with  no way out.

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