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Refugees in South Africa

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Central Methodist Chuch, 87 minuts in the land of hope

Johannesburg's Central Methodist Church is the home of hundreds of refugees who left their land far away, Zimbabwe, searching an opportunity in the South African paradise. Entire families, women, children and  men who use the church as refuge when the night comes or as a place where spend the day.
The bishop, Paul Verry, fights to support them there inside, but the South African Church tries to keep them out.  Because  House of God is not for everybody. And less to  those who do not have anything. Who lost everything.

An oasis in the middle of the huge city, modern and developed, that shows off  Joburg. Financial offices blocks, luxury malls, top infrastructures around the continent and on the other hand thousands of forgotten.

Mehlamatulu, Phineas, Laineh, Thanti, Joe and Eden Mauro, Masaiti, Langton Hobe, Elisabeth, Langton Cuchu, Trinity, Martin, Joffrey, Shimaganzo … are some of these forgotten, who waste their lives meanwhile waiting for years  into the walls of the church.

I was there, inside,  during 87 minutes only. Less than one and a half hour. A water drop in the huge ocean of time they have spent there, waiting for just an opportunity.

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