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Irak, beyond three wars

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Is there normal life during war?

Devastated by three wars in recent times, Irak remains still on, punished and wounded  but still on.
From the very old origen are names  like Simbad, Nabucodonosor, Saladin or Hammurabi. Places like Nemrud, Ur, Ninive, Babylonia, Tigris or Euphrates. All under the protection of its ancient and mythical name: Mesopotamia.

But after the last three wars nobody remember these names and their real meaning for the mankind and its History. Scarcely  seem familiar something like Sadan Hussein, Bush, massive attack weapons, sunites or chiites … but little more.

Life continues, opening its own path. From Baghdad  to Basora passing by Mosul, Kerbala or Nayaf among others.
The worrying normality that preceded the last great war of the Persian Gulf was a dark omen. In these pictures  are reflected some of those daily and calm moments, some of which were caught while the allied bombs were raining just a few meters away.

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