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South Sudan

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The newest country in the world

South Sudan  just appeared as a new country in the world panorama. After decades of war with the north, the states from the south voted  the separation from the rest of Sudan. Almost 99 % of the population decided in favour of the independence. Since July 9th, 2011 they got a country. The youngest country in the World.
The new nation prepares to start its own way. A long and difficult journey with everything to do. A destroyed country that must forge a future, reappearing among its own ruins. It’s  not going to be easy.
From Juba,  the shocking capital,  to the north bounder, the reportaje try to analyze diverse aspects of the people and the country. The returnist from the north, the ancestral Dinka tribe or the inhabitants from the new capital city.
A new country but a really old land.

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