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Migration. Slaves in Libia.


There is a lot of talk about migrants' drama crossing the Mediterranean, but little is known about the details of their route between Niger and Libya, where they reach the coast to embark on the uncertain and dangerous sea voyage. Once in Niger (the city of Agadez is the point where the vast majority of migrants converge) migrants fall into the hands of the traffickers who drive them through the dangerous sands of Libya, where the law of armed jihadists mafias prevails.  Many of the migrants, men, women and children are sold as slaves and treated as such, with no possibility of continuing their route to Europe. This story includes testimonies from traffickers and transporters of migrants as well as those who have been enslaved but have managed to escape to return to Niger, their point of departure to the desert once they have crossed their different countries of origin. There, they wait for a new chance to cross once more the Hell or to give up the wish of a better life.

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