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Democratic Republic of Congo

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The ethernal war in Kivus


After the failure of the peace agreement, signed in January 2008, open warfare has broken out again in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, where is lived one of the major human catastrophes of the XXI century, and one of the least known.

More than 800.000 displaced people escape from the fight between Government and UN forces against the rebellious tutsi general Laurent Nkunda, now imprisoned in Ruanda, and around 20 other different armed groups. Most of them don’t receive any kind of help from humanitarian agencies or NGOs.

The major wave of sexual violence in the world, the worst rates on infant mortality and the extension of diseases like AIDS, malaria, ebola and cholera are some of the consequences of the non stop violence in one of the richest in natural resources countries of the planet.

And one of the least developed, where successive wars caused more than five million dead since1996. The situation today is still catastrophic and not improving at all.

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