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Memory of a Genocide  |  11-07-1995


In July, 1995,  Ratko Mladic's Serbian troops, -the general recently captured and now in Court-, committed one of the cruelest genocide since the 2on. World War, against the moslem population of Srebrenica, a small city in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Mladic appears now on the secrets cables released by Wikileaks affair as protected by Russian administration.

 8.873 murders, almost all men and children from Srebrenica, who were massacred in the surrounding areas of the city, leaving the wives, mothers and sisters, alone, desperate and ruined, forever. Up to the moment little more than the half of the bodies  have been located in common graves and buried with honors. But the pain continues, remains in all the women, having buried or not their men. They do not forget what happened. They cry out justice and recognition and claim Serbia admits that those facts were not an act of war, it was just a merciless genocide. Unforgiving.

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