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Potosi mines. Bolivia.

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Devil' s mountain

“ I’ m the rich Potosí,
treasure of the World,
And envy of kings.”


It is said that the biggest treasures of the History were removed from the mines of Potosi. Galleons that crossed the oceans bringing all kind of wealth to the kingdoms of Spain and Europe.
Treasures even bigger and resplendent  that those from Egypt and the British Crown together. Ships loaded with gold and silver, fortunes that even today are still keeping a good part of the economic stability of our world system.
Long time ago were slaves, today are miners, those who are working in the mines with subhuman conditions marry the mine and sell their souls to Devil in exchange for  life, luck and fortune. But paying a very expensive price.
Cerro Rico is stil openning its bowels, and the minerals from deep inside  continue, after five centuries, slipping from the dirty and sweaty hands of the miners.
The Devil and God, both,  rituals and sacrifices that convince these men and women that it is worth to death  into the narrow tunnels of the sacred mountain, this is  the force that pushes them, maybe, to a sure death.


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